Exclusive Stussy Home Decor Collection

Born in the ’80s in Orange County, Stüssy has grown from a surfwear icon to a staple in skateboard and hip-hop cultures. Founded by Shawn Stussy, the brand remains privately held, continually setting trends and defining effortless American style with a rebellious spirit.

Plunge into chic urbanity with Artlux Decor’s Stussy Home Décor collection. Seamlessly marrying the boldness of street style with the warmth of home living, this range epitomizes the spirit of modern lifestyles. With each piece, the Stussy series offers a distinct and sharp flair, transforming spaces into more than mere living areas – they become statements of fashion and style.


The Stussy Home Décor lineup presents a variety of pieces that infuse an urban edge into home environments. From sleek decorative elements to practical items with a unique twist, this collection caters to those who value the daring nature of street fashion alongside homey comfort. Elevate your living spaces with the unmistakable charm of Stussy’s designs, each bringing a slice of urban sophistication to your abode.